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Nanosecond Transformation

  Our small living room filled as one by one believing friends came in and embraced us. No refreshments—a total of maybe five or six—we clutched hands, formed a circle, and began to pray. A song built in my heart and I softly sang… “Holy holy, holy, Lord God of power...

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Who Has The Upper Hand?

A six-inch gaping wound revealed itself in the bathroom mirror. Where were the seamless stitches the doctor had meticulously sewn the day before? Gone. My knees wobbled, and the room blurred. My husband’s strong presence of mind took charge. He came from behind me and with one hand applied direct pressure to the surgery site; with the other hand, he whisked me toward the front door.

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A Dad’s Request

A funny from Mom’s Got Ink popped up in all caps on my Facebook page this morning. “WHAT I'VE LEARNED ABOUT RAISING BOYS: IF YOU KEEP THEM BUSY, THEY'RE FINE. IF  YOU LET THEM GET BORED, THEY'LL DISMANTLE YOUR HOUSE BOARD BY BOARD." Time travel back with me to 1985....

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Ann has Published Contributions to this Book

Loved by Choice offers a clear and uplifting look at adoption from virtually every perspective. It is comprised of true stories that reflect the joys and the difficulties of those touched by adoption. Families working out an overseas adoption, those creating interracial families, grandparents, birth mothers, and even birth fathers are among the many who tell their stories. Two appendices define adoption terms and outline resources that will be helpful to those exploring adoption. The emphasis of Loved by Choice, though, is to demonstrate how adoption can complete a family. It’s a poignant celebration of adoption, led by those who understand it best. This book’s pro-life, positive, and upbeat message will be a welcomed source for women facing pregnancy choices, anyone working with unwed mothers, adoptees, adoption advocates, pro-life advocates, couples considering adoption, and anyone else interested in stories that celebrate adoption. Loved by Choice will also be popular at the many adoption-related conferences, book readings, and fairs that take place around the world.

Writer Workshop and Conference Topics


The five natural senses ground a story, evoke emotion, create atmosphere, and make it memorable. Inspirational writers should want more than moral and wholesome books. How can their stories breathe life? Learn how to incorporate the spiritual senses in your writing.


It’s all in the way you say it. The Word teaches the letter of the law kills, but the Spirit brings life. Your story can give life and bring hope in the most unexpected ways.


Ann’s a storyteller. When she presents two compelling stories, which is fiction and which is not? Will the audience be able to tell? Fundamental truths apply to every story. Explore the transforming power of a good one.


How to handle the hurt of rejection, learn from the difficult, believe the impossible, promote others, and still maintain your vision.

Ann McCauley married her sweetheart, Randy, forty-one years ago. The McCauleys have seven children (one in heaven), four internationally adopted from South Korea, the Philippines, and Siberia. Ann’s first stories were published by Baker/ Revell in the book, Loved by Choice—True Stories That Celebrate Adoption. The addition of each child to the McCauley home gave Ann the greatest personal satisfaction. She was born to be a mother. She’s learned so much about human nature, the crippling of insecurity, the power of love, the gentle greatness of the Heavenly Father, and her experiences add richness to every book project and speaking opportunity.

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