Interview with Bethany House Author, Mary Connealy

Our Winner is Liz Riggs! Liz, send your mailing information to me at, and I will send it to Mary. Congratulations!   A hearty welcome to my guest, Mary Connealy, author of Out of Control, In Too Deep, and Over the Edge, books one, two, and three of The Kincaid Brides Series published by […]

Casting Your Net

Casting Your Net Ann Cooper McCauley The child in the video stumbled with every step, head lagging, shoulder’s drooping.  The South Korean nurses prodded him to perform for the camera, but every action spoke of discouragement. This boy, an orphan in mismatched, too-small clothes, clinging to a skimpy, cellophane envelope of crackers, would be mine.  Yet, […]

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