Hummingbird, a Helping Hands/Trestle Press novel by David Stearman

Congratulations, Lindsay! You have won a copy of Hummingbird!   I am delighted to have David Stearman with me today. David’s novel, Hummingbird, debuted on July 27th. I am thrilled to have this early opportunity to tell readers about this story. If you haven’t seen the trailer forHummingbird, then don’t miss it. Ann: David, […]

A Seed—A Wind—A Masterpiece

1990 Leesa Wallace now understood the grief swollen hearts of others. Her precious Caitlin, born just three months earlier with trisomy-19, fought for her life. Worship music lilted in the background of the hospital room, and the baby responded to it as she always had.  Yet this time, she was too weak for her arms […]

THE BIG YES, YES! Guest Blog By Linda Rondeau

“Lord, I can’t do this anymore. It hurts too much,” I cried. “I wasn’t meant to be a writer.” I looked up at the wall of award certificates and thought I heard the room laughing at me. Not that there haven’t been a few successes along the way. I’ve managed to publish articles, short stories, […]

Selah Award Winning Author of The Other Side of Darkness, Linda Rondeau

Today I am so happy to feature Linda Rondeau.  Linda and I share agents (Diana Flegal) at Hartline Literary Agency. Read an excerpt from her Selah Award winning novel: Now, read more and learn about a book giveaway.   Winner of the 2012 Selah Award for best first novel (The Other Side of Darkness/Harbourlight), […]

Signed with Diana L. Flegal, Hartline Literary Agency

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