Remedy for Burnout: Diligence Now & Blessing Later

Joanna, a five-year-old orphan and blind, was no doubt my daughter. She thrived like a watermelon seed planted in my heart and growing. The paternal and maternal love for her was enormous, though we’d never met. God grafted her in our hearts, not unlike a pregnancy, and we anticipated her arrival. But Joanna’s adoption story is for another time. […]

Remedy for Burnout: Enduring for the Eternal

God is joking, right? Move away from our state and to an uncertain destiny just because of homeschooling? We had to question what God had told us about homeschooling our children back when our oldest was five. The decision hadn’t been easy then, but God placed a knowing inside us that it was the right […]

Spotlight on Hartline Literary Agent, Diana Lee Flegal

Today I welcome my agent, Diana Flegal, to this Spotlight on Hartline post. Diana has been a joy for me to work with. She is encouraging and knowledgeable. Though Diana and I have had a client/agent relationship for awhile, we finally met face to face at the Colorado Christian Writers Conference this past May. That […]

Remedy for Burnout: Meditate/ Pour/ Meditate Some More

A sparkling glass pitcher. Perfect. I filled it with ice and water. The heavy cut glass would reflect the candlelight on my table, and make a lovely accent to dinner. After all, how often did special occasions pull us away from plastic divided plates and sippy cups?  Leaving the kitchen to dress for dinner, I […]

Hartline Highlight: Selah Award Winning Author Linda Rondeau

Today begins a new monthly series on this blog called Hartline Highlight. While I will continue doing interviews and various other blogging topics both here and on Morning Glory: When God Whispers, Hartline Highlight will feature authors and aspiring writers affiliated with Hartline Literary Agency and agents, Joyce Hart, Diana Flegal, Terry Burns, Andy Scheer, […]