Know Your Limits Recently a friend suggested we adopt a dog for my fifteen-year-old, Caleb, when we had sadly been forced to put down his childhood dog-friend, Trevor. Don’t think for a moment the temptation wasn’t there because I love my child, but I said, “No.” A slight tug of guilt niggled about… One minute. Just what […]

Author Marlene Banks, Moody Publishers

Welcome my guest, Marlene Banks. Marlene has three historical romances in bookstores right now. We will concentrate on two of them today entitled Son of a Preacher Man and Greenwood and Archer. While these stories are fictitious in nature, they teach us about a long ago era and the lessons learned. A tender love story […]

Remedy for Burnout: Yield, Who Brings It?

“Why do you homeschool, Mrs. McCauley?” The school principal’s gaze ignited and blazed a tunnel straight through to my mother’s heart. A thousand replies flitted through my brain, but only one surfaced. “W-Well, because I enjoy my children.” Her blue eyes softened to a tender gray. “Now, that’s the answer I wanted to hear. You’ve […]