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Monthly Archives: January 2013

Are You Struggling and Can’t See the End?

“You just don’t understand!  I’m not the schooly type.  I’m the cowboy type, Mom.” My son was nine. We had worked phonics and spelling rules, grueling work for my son battling with dyslexia. Fingers of sunlight filtered through the French doors of our classroom and beckoned my son to come and play.  I scrutinized the splash of light […]

Do You Ever Feel Like the Last Laugh is on You?

After thirty-six years of marriage, six children, and twenty six years of homeschooling, I finally understand. Who would have thought after all the play dough I’ve mixed, bread dough I’ve baked, and kid character dough I’ve shaped, I was the ball of clay? I’ve been the big mix of the Master Potter all along. I remember […]


I wouldn’t be a Southern gal if I didn’t own an iron skillet or two. When I married, I was given ten.  Opening the final gift of my bridal shower, I tugged tissue paper away to reveal yet one more five pound, cast iron bludgeon to add to my culinary arsenal. My grandmother hunched forward to […]