Interview with David Stearman, Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolina’s Author of Hot: Can Love’s Flame Survive Fame?

I am so happy to have an old friend with me today, Author David Stearman.

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Ann: So David, what moved you to write this story?

David: I have a friend who left her husband for no better reason than she felt the desire to explore greener pastures. She and her husband had always been good to one another, but she began to get a nagging feeling that she was missing out on life. So she left him. And then wished she hadn’t. And now it’s too late to go back, because he’s found someone else. And that’s a lot like Jake’s story in Hot. He leaves his girl Chloe to follow a dream. And catches it. And then wishes he could get back to the dream he lived before his dreams came true.

Ann: Oh, how sad. Does he get her back?

David: It’s not really a sad story, at least all the way through; it’s more of a Nicholas Sparks kind of thing, if you know what I mean. Bittersweet. But it’s also fun, funny, and fast-moving. And as far as the ending goes, there are surprises there I think you’ll love.

Ann: You’re a musician who has had your songs played on the radio, toured extensively, etc. Is any of this story biographical?

David: Some of it. I know what it’s like to try to make it in the music business, and I’ve had some success with that, although nothing on the scale of what Jake experiences in this story. But I do understand his perspective. Plus, and LOL here: I know what it’s like to get a nose job like Jake gets later in the story. So if you’ve never had one of those, read this book for an insider’s look!

Ann: Sounds like Jake makes some mistakes in this story. Is he a bad person?

David: Absolutely not. It’s true that sometimes he judges people and situations wrongly. And sometimes he seeks solutions to his problems in the wrong places. But that doesn’t make him anything but human. In fact, I think his faults tend to make him more likeable. We can relate to someone who is as imperfect as we are.

Ann: Am I right in guessing that Hot highlights a few of your own personal life lessons?

David: Um, yes. One would be that you can’t judge a person by appearances, and another would be that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side of the fence, that most times it just has different weeds.

Ann: Can you at least hint as to whether or not Hot has a happy ending?

David: You’ll love the last page 😉

Ann: You can get David’s new novel Hot by clicking here:, follow him on Twitter @DavidJStearman, or friend him on Facebook. Thanks for visiting with us, David!

David: Thanks for having me!

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