When much younger and expecting a little daughter with blind eyes to fly into my arms from the Philippines, God gave me a song. Part of it goes like this:

Blind eyes can see the Father,

Know the touch of His grace.

Blind eyes must learn to trust Him;

They can recognize His face.


Without all the color and theatrics,

They hear the symphony of His heart.

And they know Him by the Spirit.

Yes, the blind can find their way to the cross.

At the time my deepest yearning was to love this precious five-year-old miracle and to make her mine. A victim of abuse and neglect, God entrusted her to me. He hand picked her from all the children in the world for me to mother. But when God gave me this song, I remembered it was His desire more. She belonged to Him first and to my husband and me second. He loved her more than we ever could, and He wanted her to have a home—her needs met in every way and a saving knowledge of Him.


But at the time, my heart stirred toward spiritually blind eyes, the contrasts and comparisons tangible.

A blind person doesn’t choose to be blind, yet a spiritually blind person often has made a choice. Most blind people muster courage to dive into life rather than sitting on its sidelines, where the spiritually blind often shut God out before they have a chance to bloom in knowing Him. They could have their needs met and find their true north if they gave Him a chance. A home in Christ.


Their biggest fear? Giving up what they might want for what God designed for them.

God’s Heart Is To Rescue The Abandoned


And Those Who Abandon Themselves


Why do so many reject Him, when He offers rest to weary, longing, orphaned souls?

I want you to understand something about Randy (my husband) and me. God made our adopted children real to us before we ever laid eyes on them.

We loved and dreamed for our adoptive children before they ever came home, before they ever did anything wrong, before we touched their faces. Why? Because God planted them in us.

You are grounded in the Father’s heart.

We waited for our children to come home.

He waits for you.

When our adopted children struggled, throwing tantrums, crying for what used to be familiar, grieved, broke the rules, wounded us, shouted hateful words, or shunned and rejected our love, we may have doubted ourselves and our own abilities; still we loved them. Did we do everything right? No! But they are forever ours.

It is the same with the Lord’s love and faithfulness to you only more so. He can love and parent you with perfection.

Our adoptive children didn’t have to change for us to love them. We just did.

It is the same with your Daddy Creator. He doesn’t expect you to change overnight. He loves you where you are. Acceptance of you is His priority. The Spirit of God can spot you in the crowd.

You can know Him by the Spirit, and yes, the blind can find their way to the cross.


But to all who believed Him and accepted Him (Jesus), He gave the right to become children of God.

John 1:12-13

Jesus spoke to the people once more and said, “I am the light of the world. If you follow me, you won’t have to walk in darkness, because you will have the light that leads to life.”

John 8:12

Listen for His Whispers





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