Living in the Middle

The silhouette of my tiny granddaughter, Aria, toddling down the hallway left a permanent stamp in my head. The Fourth of July, she wore her stars and stripes dress. Her hair, just long enough for a two inch ponytail, bobbed up and down. And with one of her feet turning slightly inward, her trot down […]

He Did Not Leave Us Orphans

I snuggled closer into Great Granny Adams’ ample bosom, the smell of her body powder tickling my nose. My gaze searched the church sanctuary. So big. Mama’s coppery hair glistened just above the piano lid. I leaned toward Granny Kirksey, my hand swiping the polished dark wood of the pew, and wiggled to her outstretched arms. […]

When the Snow Comes

Lulled awake at four in the morning, I pushed to a sitting position. Groggy. What woke me?  I measured my husband’s gentle snore. Out cold. My gaze drifted about the dark room, and I was magnetized to a light in the doorway. How strange—a light with form and definition. I blinked. Still there. A soft, […]

What’s in a Name? Everything

A couple weeks ago my agent told me she was rereading Waking the Dead: The Glory of a Heart Fully Alive. Familiar with John Eldredge’s book, Wild at Heart, I listened with great interest. Diana told me about the part in his book where John asks the Father to reveal who he is and what […]

I’m an Expert

Bet that title made you want to read on. Don’t I sound arrogant? Well, I can assure you, I never wanted to become an expert at so many things. My mini-van wove in and out between semi-trucks, like playing checkers. I’d zoom ahead and a truck would pull into my lane and block me. I’d […]

Trust Not in a Big Blue Car

  Big blue tank, alias 1977 Ford LTD, died again and the automatic brakes couldn’t stop her. Without brakes the steering wheel locked. And, of course, I was traveling downhill toward the carport. The distant barbed wire fence, pasture, and pond seemed to be my upcoming, soft landing. As the hood of Big Blue gained […]

Dare to Hope: He Hears You

When waiting for one of our children to come home from overseas, the adoption agency told us we’d have to travel from our home in the Deep South to Chicago, Illinois. Our child’s plane would fly into O’Hare. We had no financial means to do this travel. A year passed while we prayed that somehow God […]

Pregnant: The Adoption of Megan, Segment 8

The wind of the Holy Spirit gusted. A cloud came into view. Rain. A sign of blessing. Thick with promise, this cloud swelled, puffed, and churned out mottled shades of gray and green in a sudden downpour. I flipped my umbrella over. And, the deluge of bills filled it to capacity. I wish. We expected […]

Pregnant: The Adoption of Megan, Segment 7

Sewing basket in hand, I plopped in the recliner. I intended to play like a child at summer camp. My craft? A sampler. But not just any sampler. This one would bear the name of my longed for—Megan. After months of bureaucratic paperwork and gut wrenching prayer, our child assignment approached. Randy strolled by with […]

Pregnant: The Adoption of Megan, Segment 6

The adoption home study was finished. A bill arrived from Holt for four hundred and fifty dollars. My heart squeezed. This payment was time sensitive since it would cover immigration expenses. Randy and I chewed nails waiting for God to tell us what to do. The obvious? No extra money had magically appeared in our […]

Signed with Diana L. Flegal, Hartline Literary Agency

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