I Can’t Get It Right

  “I told you! Clean this room. I’m going to have an aneurism for heaven’s sake!” God, they never listen. I don’t mean to yell all the time, but they won’t change. No matter the reward system—no matter the work of instilling pride in them for what they own and how to take care of […]

Pregnant: Megan’s Adoption Story, Segment 2

The first phone number Marsha presented led to Holt International Children’s Services in Eugene, Oregon. I’d never heard of it. When I called, they told me about their Korean adoption program. Don’t ask how I knew, but this was it. Our daughter was Korean. It matched the picture etched in my mind’s eye.  I asked […]

Count Your Firsts

Three weeks had passed since I labored sixteen hours to deliver our son. Taking the elevator to the pediatrician’s office, I smoothed the silver silk on my son’s head, straightened his rumpled appearance, and readied myself for the excitement of showing off my treasure. The doctor’s eyes locked with mine, and we savored the richness […]

Are You Struggling and Can’t See the End?

“You just don’t understand!  I’m not the schooly type.  I’m the cowboy type, Mom.” My son was nine. We had worked phonics and spelling rules, grueling work for my son battling with dyslexia. Fingers of sunlight filtered through the French doors of our classroom and beckoned my son to come and play.  I scrutinized the splash of light […]

Do You Ever Feel Like the Last Laugh is on You?

After thirty-six years of marriage, six children, and twenty six years of homeschooling, I finally understand. Who would have thought after all the play dough I’ve mixed, bread dough I’ve baked, and kid character dough I’ve shaped, I was the ball of clay? I’ve been the big mix of the Master Potter all along. I remember […]

Know Your Limits Recently a friend suggested we adopt a dog for my fifteen-year-old, Caleb, when we had sadly been forced to put down his childhood dog-friend, Trevor. Don’t think for a moment the temptation wasn’t there because I love my child, but I said, “No.” A slight tug of guilt niggled about… One minute. Just what […]

Remedy for Burnout: Yield, Who Brings It?

“Why do you homeschool, Mrs. McCauley?” The school principal’s gaze ignited and blazed a tunnel straight through to my mother’s heart. A thousand replies flitted through my brain, but only one surfaced. “W-Well, because I enjoy my children.” Her blue eyes softened to a tender gray. “Now, that’s the answer I wanted to hear. You’ve […]

Remedy for Burnout: Diligence Now & Blessing Later

Joanna, a five-year-old orphan and blind, was no doubt my daughter. She thrived like a watermelon seed planted in my heart and growing. The paternal and maternal love for her was enormous, though we’d never met. God grafted her in our hearts, not unlike a pregnancy, and we anticipated her arrival. But Joanna’s adoption story is for another time. […]

Remedy for Burnout: Enduring for the Eternal

God is joking, right? Move away from our state and to an uncertain destiny just because of homeschooling? We had to question what God had told us about homeschooling our children back when our oldest was five. The decision hadn’t been easy then, but God placed a knowing inside us that it was the right […]

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