A Dad’s Request

 http://www.freeimages.com A funny from Mom’s Got Ink popped up in all caps on my Facebook page this morning. “WHAT I’VE LEARNED ABOUT RAISING BOYS: IF YOU KEEP THEM BUSY, THEY’RE FINE. IF  YOU LET THEM GET BORED, THEY’LL DISMANTLE YOUR HOUSE BOARD BY BOARD.” Time travel back with me to 1985. Randy walked through the […]

Living in the Middle

The silhouette of my tiny granddaughter, Aria, toddling down the hallway left a permanent stamp in my head. The Fourth of July, she wore her stars and stripes dress. Her hair, just long enough for a two inch ponytail, bobbed up and down. And with one of her feet turning slightly inward, her trot down […]

I Can’t Get It Right

  “I told you! Clean this room. I’m going to have an aneurism for heaven’s sake!” God, they never listen. I don’t mean to yell all the time, but they won’t change. No matter the reward system—no matter the work of instilling pride in them for what they own and how to take care of […]

When the Snow Comes

Lulled awake at four in the morning, I pushed to a sitting position. Groggy. What woke me?  I measured my husband’s gentle snore. Out cold. My gaze drifted about the dark room, and I was magnetized to a light in the doorway. How strange—a light with form and definition. I blinked. Still there. A soft, […]

I’m an Expert

Bet that title made you want to read on. Don’t I sound arrogant? Well, I can assure you, I never wanted to become an expert at so many things. My mini-van wove in and out between semi-trucks, like playing checkers. I’d zoom ahead and a truck would pull into my lane and block me. I’d […]

What? I Love Myself More Than My Children?

My three year old bolted like a charging horse into his Sunday school classroom. I snuggled my soon-to-be toddler closer, shut my eyes, and headed toward the nursery. One hour of peace. Praise the Lord. Naptime the next day, I closed the bedroom door on my sleeping boys and had similar thoughts. Two hours of […]

Pregnant: The Adoption of Megan, Segment 5

Everywhere I turned, God showered me with assurance about His plan for our adoption, right down to the family who moved across the street. The father of the young family was Japanese, and I gathered perspective on what it was like to be a mixed Asian family in the American South. Blended families did exist, […]

Pregnant: The Adoption of Megan, Segment 3

Randy buried his face in his hands and groaned. A hot check was not acceptable. How could we overcome this fatal financial mistake with our adoption agency? I raised my head and grasped the receiver as the phone rang. A cheerful voice on the other end greeted me. She identified herself as a case worker […]

Pregnant: Megan’s Adoption Story, Segment 2

The first phone number Marsha presented led to Holt International Children’s Services in Eugene, Oregon. I’d never heard of it. When I called, they told me about their Korean adoption program. Don’t ask how I knew, but this was it. Our daughter was Korean. It matched the picture etched in my mind’s eye.  I asked […]

The Gift of Avery

Linda Requard Hatcher A bright shaft of sunlight welcomed me to the window and warmed my face. Spring blossoms peeked out of their buds. What a lovely April day. A car door slammed, and I charged to the front door and stretched it wide to catch the first glimpse of my daughter, Becky, and her […]

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