A Daisy and God Whispers

 Mama’s gone. Shouldn’t I see heaven open or angels kiss her cheek? The room felt the same. I brushed the back of my hand across her face. Cold. Her hands? Still warm.

A single ache arose. “Mama…”

Long illnesses take their toll. Weariness numbs.

The hospice nurse arrived to declare Mother dead, and the funeral home came to remove her body. What did I feel? Surreal.

”Where are you, Lord?”

The house emptied. My husband went to bed.

I couldn’t. Hadn’t something permanent and profound happened? I sat and waited. For something. Anything. Nothing.

I moved mom’s things from the living room, where’d she’d been comfortable, to the guest room. I emptied the trash cans and started a load of laundry. The living room emptied but the hospital bed remained. Expectation stood alert.

Silence. Nothing.

I turned on the television. An early morning program with lovely scenery, scripture, and music droned in the room. I scrolled through Facebook as the swirl of “It is Well with My Soul” seemed to build. Looking up at the TV, there awaited my moment.

Daisies danced in a gentle breeze. Their white petals and yellow faces stretched toward the sunlight as though they were social.

I will both lie down in peace and sleep; for you alone, O Lord, make me dwell in safety. Psalm 4:8

Mama… Safe in the arms of the One in whom she believed.

I waited patiently for the Lord and he inclined to me and heard my cry. Psalm 40:1

She suffered no more.

He has put a new song in my mouth—praise to my God. Psalm 40:3

Mama loved daisies. They were her favorite flower, and most likely I was the only person who knew that about Mama anymore. All her daisy-giving people had gone to Heaven before her.


Marco van Wijnbergen, www.freeimages.com

And I knew… Mama was having a very good day. Those she loved were reunited with her, their faces and hands lifted in sweet reunion. God had touched her and made her whole, healthy, and spry.

For hours I’d listened for His whisper. Waited for His touch. And in that moment, my Father did not disappoint. Though bitter for me, reality was very sweet for Mama.


My flesh and my heart fail; but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.

Psalm 73:26


Listen for His Whispers 

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