Honeycomb and the Secret of Connections

Though I may write in my home office, a solitary space, I need connections with real people, especially other believers and other writers. Have you noticed it’s difficult to find time for both? Like you, I’m busy as a bee most days, but the internet and social media have afforded new ways for me to establish associations in my life.

Honeybees model this in an expert way. When bees are building the six sided perimeters of each partition to form the honeycomb, they work individually and sequentially. You would think they’d conduct their work one bee at a time, but honeybees work in unison to achieve their purposes.

Believers and inspirational writers, do we need each other? Connections? I think the activity inside the honeycomb holds the answer…

The waxen labyrinths of the honeycomb are hexagonal in shape, each cell supporting another, making for one of nature’s strongest structures. Under pressure? Honeycomb is not easily crushed.


In Luke 24: 42 Jesus appears to his disciples in His resurrected body. Five things transpire to prove He is who He says.

  1. He shows them His hands and feet.
  2. He declares He is Himself.
  3. He asks them to touch Him.
  4. They think He’s a ghost, but He tells them he has flesh and bones.
  5. And, when none of these seem enough to convince them, Jesus asks them for food. They give Him fish and honeycomb, and He eats.

Curious by nature, I wonder if this is coincidental. True. Fish and honey, are common foods that would have been available to the disciples.  But what if there’s more meaning behind the partaking of these particular foods?

Could the friends of Jesus have been inspired to remember the miracle of the loaves and fishes? How Jesus multiplied them? Is He now reinforcing who He is to them? Not only is He the One who creates abundance, but the One who’d energize them to fish for men and create disciples.


So why does the Word here say honeycomb and not honey? True, the honeycomb is a receptacle for holding the honey around a campfire, but could it mean more? Couldn’t the honeycomb be symbolic of how the disciples would work and function together to fulfill their commission and deliver the sweetness of the Word to the people? The early church, a strong and unified structure, like the honeycomb, is often found hidden in the cleft of the Rock. Time has never deleted or crushed our Christian faith. We remain.


We may not know the answers to these questions until heaven. Still, right after Jesus ate, He opened their understanding and gave them a measure of the Holy Spirit so they’d understand the power of their witness, then He told them the Promise of the Father would come.

They caught a glimpse of believers networking together to transform their world. Not only is honey created inside the walls of the honeycomb, but the eggs are laid in the labyrinths of the comb. Eggs—symbolic of new birth and transformative life.

Believers and inspirational writers, do we need each other? Connections? I think the activity inside the honeycomb holds the answer, don’t you?

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