I’m Hiding

Been looking for me? Just like Gideon, I’ve been hiding out. My enemies are enormous and devouring. Those who hear the whispers of God know that when we follow the Lord’s directives, we often have a target pasted on our foreheads.


This morning God whispers to me; “Cease your struggle, Ann.”

You see, I’ve been hiding in the wrong place. Like Gideon I’ve been hiding in the power of my struggle. But God is my defender. He says, “Hide in me.”

Well, if you’re looking for me, I’ve hunkered down in the shadow of His wings.


God is a perpetual Creator. He creates something from nothing over and over again in my life. He created the heavens and the earth from the murky swirl of time and space. He can take the most difficult of circumstances and make something of beauty. Yes, He will this time, too.


My Defender



 “As our Defender, God goes before us and protects us. We can hide behind Him when we feel overwhelmed by our enemies. In the midst of spiritual battle, God protects His children from every attack.” (I Am, 365 Calligraphic Renderings of the Names of God, Timothy R. Botts, Tyndale House Publishers)

“For the Lord God is a sun and a shield.” (NKJ Psalm 84:11)

Dear one, God’s protection is so vast and His light so brilliant and pure, it dispels the consuming darkness of our opposition’s threats, melts and vanquishes them.

Run with me to Him and rest.




He Whispers Still

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