Who is Ann Cooper McCauley?

Ann McCauley married her sweetheart, Randy, thirty-eight years ago. The McCauley’s have seven children (one in heaven), four internationally adopted from South Korea, the Philippines, and Siberia. Ann’s first stories were published by Baker/ Revell in the book, Loved by Choice—True Stories That Celebrate Adoption.

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<strong>Loved by Choice:  True Stories that Celebrate Adoption</strong>
By: Susan Horner and Kelly Fordyce Martindale

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The addition of each child to the McCauley home gave Ann the greatest personal satisfaction. She was born to be a mother. She’s learned so much about human nature, the crippling of insecurity, the power of love, the gentle greatness of the Heavenly Father, and her experiences add richness to every book project and speaking opportunity.

Ann, a songwriter for many years, has led praise and worship, shared her original music with churches, and performed in fundraising for Holt International Adoption Agency. She is a contributor to the Holt Magazine, Hi Families, produced out of Eugene, Oregon.

Mrs. McCauley has homeschooled her children for twenty-eight years—one child is hearing impaired and another blind. A popular speaker, she has shared her adoption and homeschooling experiences with churches, rotary clubs, women’s seminars, and homeschool support groups, especially concerning the rearing and education of special needs children. Ann has been a speaker and singer throughout Arkansas, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Tennessee.

Having lost a child, she led a local chapter of The Compassionate Friends, a national organization for grieving parents. She led a grief counseling support group, Wellsprings, and produced a newsletter for grieving parents.

Ann has written three novels. The understanding of rearing Asian children in the American south inspired her to write Mountain Ash and Ivory, the first book in her Colors of China fiction series. She has another series entitled, Song of the Brush Arbor. Book one in this series, Bramble Rose, is a completed project. Both of these novel series have international flavor. Ann’s current work in progress, Cypress Secrets, book one—Boots Bonnets and Bayous—is set in post Civil War Louisiana.

Ann’s interests revolve around people. She loves cooking and entertaining. For relaxation, she enjoys playing with her grandchildren and great nieces and nephews. She can often be found making holiday crafts or cooking play-dough with them.

Homeschooling is a big part of her life, with one son finishing high school at home this coming year. She is still a point of contact for families’ homeschooling children with special needs.

Ann Cooper McCauley







Imagine a front porch floored with century-old wood in shades of gray, cool to the feet.  One end of the porch is canopied in morning glory vines and a trellis overflowing with ivy, which shelters the veranda from summer’s glistening daybreak and evening’s splash of sunset.  There is a white, suspended wooden swing, jam-packed with cushions of every size and shape, fluffy ones to be hugged. Stack a tall glass with ice cubes, and pour yourself a splash of sweetened blackberry tea from an antique pitcher. Slip your feet from your shoes and curl up in this swing, leaving your cares behind you.

Welcome to this place of solitude where it is my wish you will find comfort and relaxation, where each is free to imagine him or herself in the pages of a story. As you sip the wine-colored liquid and read reflections of love and hope, I freely open the treasures of my heart to you, my friend.


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I am the Lord, the God of all mankind, is anything too hard for Me?

Jeremiah 32:27

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Loved by Choice: True Stories that Celebrate Adoption
By: Susan Horner and Kelly Fordyce Martindale

Loved by Choice offers a clear and uplifting look at adoption from virtually every perspective. It is comprised of true stories that reflect the joys and the difficulties of those touched by adoption. Families working out an overseas adoption, those creating interracial families, grandparents, birth mothers, and even birth fathers are among the many who tell their stories.
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