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Imagine a front porch floored with century-old wood in shades of gray, cool to the feet.  One end of the porch is canopied in morning glory vines and a trellis overflowing with ivy, which shelters the veranda from summer’s glistening daybreak and evening’s splash of sunset.  There is a white, suspended wooden swing, jam-packed with cushions of every size and shape, fluffy ones to be hugged. Stack a tall glass with ice cubes, and pour yourself a splash of sweetened blackberry tea from an antique pitcher. Slip your feet from your shoes and curl up in this swing, leaving your cares behind you.

Welcome to this place of solitude where it is my wish you will find comfort and relaxation, where each is free to imagine him or herself in the pages of a story. As you sip the wine-colored liquid and read reflections of love and hope, I freely open the treasures of my heart to you, my friend.


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Author of Oh Beloved! Live in the Light of His Word, Rebekah Beene

Featuring a Clark County, AR Author/Speaker   Rebekah and I would love to give away one of her devotionals to three people. (Two hard copies and one Kindle version will be available.)Would you like a chance to win a copy of her book in a fair and random drawing? All you have to do is enter a comment […]

Author Ron Smith MD, A Mere Christian

What a pleasure to have an old and dear friend with me today. Ron and I grew up in the same community and attended the same high school. His wife, Stacy Morris, was in my graduating class. When our children were very small, we lived in another small Arkansas town with Ron and Stacy. Both of […]

Interview with Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas Author Rose Johnson, God Me and Sweet Ice Tea

My guest today is devotional writer, Rose Chandler Johnson. I was introduced to God, Me, and Sweet Iced Tea before I actually met Rose on Facebook. Her thoughts inspired me then, but they especially do now that I’ve spent time with her. Would you like a chance to win a copy of God Me and […]

Are Your Words Like Fire?

The more we write, the more words fall into place just when we need them. Practice does make perfect. When I started out, I read many professionals who said, “Just write. Every day.” Having a creative personality, I didn’t understand this. I only wanted to write when inspired. But evenutally the demands of writing will […]

Author Marlene Banks, Moody Publishers

Welcome my guest, Marlene Banks. Marlene has three historical romances in bookstores right now. We will concentrate on two of them today entitled Son of a Preacher Man and Greenwood and Archer. While these stories are fictitious in nature, they teach us about a long ago era and the lessons learned. A tender love story […]

Hartline Highlight: Selah Award Winning Author Linda Rondeau

Today begins a new monthly series on this blog called Hartline Highlight. While I will continue doing interviews and various other blogging topics both here and on Morning Glory: When God Whispers, Hartline Highlight will feature authors and aspiring writers affiliated with Hartline Literary Agency and agents, Joyce Hart, Diana Flegal, Terry Burns, Andy Scheer, […]

I am the Lord, the God of all mankind, is anything too hard for Me?

Jeremiah 32:27

Signed with Diana L. Flegal, Hartline Literary Agency

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