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How God stretches the self-doubter and plants destiny in his heart, while tenderly teaching confidence and dependence.



Though the heart is torn and a gaping hole is left, there is healing after the loss of a child. While Ann is acquainted with loss and understands that each person must heal in their own time and in their own ways, she encourages the grief-stricken not to stand still too long.



God has always gone after the one lost sheep, his heart all about the individual. Adoption is not new, but during the 20th and 21st centuries, the adoption movement has changed the face of our world. Though God doesn’t call everyone to adopt, what is the Father’s heart and how can you help?



Christian publishers have taken a hit the past decade—many bought out by secular giants. Rough economic times, diminishing supply and demand, and new rules for a platform have redefined traditional publishing roles. What can the believer do to promote and help Christian publishing thrive from the author up?



For many years Ann did everything she could to help her children, even at the cost of her health. What she discovered during her homeschooling journey that can help you as you war in the trenches.

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Over the years, I’ve had the honor to meet some incredible people who have profoundly changed the lives of children with disabilities. At the top of my list is Ann McCauley who is a mother, teacher, inspirational writer, and blessing to all. After birthing and adopting several precious children with a variety of disabilities that include blindness, intellectual disability, hearing impairment, dyslexia, and auditory processing issues, Ann sought to understand and learn the world of special education. Taking on the challenge of homeschooling, Ann worked to adapt, modify, and enhance assignments based on the unique learning style of each child.

Her educational approach focused on the children’s strengths as a way to overcome deficits in learning. Incorporating games, songs, and other dynamic learning approaches, Ann developed a variety of methods best described as outstanding. Author of the blog “Morning Glory: When God Whispers,” Ann outlines life’s journey and her unwavering faith in God. God gave Ann a gift of loving, teaching and inspiring, which she has shared with the world.

My students loved hearing Ann speak. Her presentation challenged and inspired them.

Glenda Hyer Ed.D Henderson State University
Glenda Hyer Ed.D

Ann is a gifted speaker and storyteller. She has the wonderful talent of making everyone feel cherished, and her ability to connect with an audience is keen. From crafting blogs to full fiction manuscripts and everything in between makes Ann a valuable teacher at writer’s groups and conferences. Her ability to write and teach is surpassed by one thing… her love for people. It shines through all she does. I am one of the many who have benefited from knowing Ann.

Tara Johnson President ACFW Arkansas
Tara Johnson

ACFW Arkansas has loved having Ann McCauley as a member and speaker. While I served as past president of this group, Ann conducted two presentations on writing that inspired and motivated each of us in attendance. Ann presented The Spiritual Senses in Your Writing most recently to a group of us that met in Little Rock. This topic covered subtle techniques in which we could bring layers to our characters without being preachy to our audience. We learned things at this meeting we’d never thought about before. The material was fresh and new to the listener. Ann is a confident and well-studied speaker and writer.

Jenny McLeod Carlisle

I have known Ann McCauley since she was a young mother. I refer to her in that way because that has always been Ann’s heart, and she’s spent her life in service to our Lord Jesus by being a gracious and wonderful mother to her children.

Ann has a powerful testimony that spans many different circumstances of how God has been faithful and revealed Himself and His will to her family’s lives. Her deep understanding of the grace of God brings peace and encouragement in a day and time when the body of Christ needs to hear and know that we are received, loved, anointed, appointed, and empowered to live in the days He has chosen for each of us.

Your church, small group, or whatever venue in which you have Ann come and minister will experience a blessing, be taught the word of God, and be strengthened to go out and live the life of Christ while touching others.

Debbie Vinson Office Manager FUMC El Dorado
Debbie Vinson

Ann McCauley was our primary speaker this summer at a ladies’ tea, hosted by one of our church members. Ann put everyone at ease by her personable and enthusiastic presentation.

She was engaging and hooked everyone with her object lesson opening, using puzzle pieces to reinforce her theme for the afternoon. Besides many personal and thrilling stories, she had scrapbooked memories of the events she described. Also, a slide show was accessible for the attendees as they had refreshments and fellowshipped afterward. The whole afternoon was very well-planned, informative, inspirational, and appealing to a much-diversified audience.


Ann imparted to us a very uplifting and exhorting message which brought hope and encouragement to us all. We will invite her again.

Susan Bolding Retired Teacher and Pastor Liberty Church
Susan Bolding

Ann McCauley is a gifted communicator. Her life story is an inspiration that she shares with enthusiasm. She talks about the deep things of God she has learned in life and delivers in a very loving way.

I found Ann to be pleasant to work with. She has a winning smile and personality which reflect her love and concern for other people. Our group liked her so much; we asked her to come back a second time.

Deborah Bost Immanuel Baptist Church, Salem, AR
Deborah Bost

Ann McCauley married her sweetheart, Randy, forty-one years ago. The McCauleys have seven children (one in heaven), four internationally adopted from South Korea, the Philippines, and Siberia. Ann’s first stories were published by Baker/ Revell in the book, Loved by Choice—True Stories That Celebrate Adoption. The addition of each child to the McCauley home gave Ann the greatest personal satisfaction. She was born to be a mother. She’s learned so much about human nature, the crippling of insecurity, the power of love, the gentle greatness of the Heavenly Father, and her experiences add richness to every book project and speaking opportunity.

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