When Life Happens He Holds Our Times in His Hands

What to do when life happens and all at once?

We moved our son into his apartment on Wednesday three weeks ago.



Shop. Organize. Plan. Crash course in life.



Following this, our family celebrated my husband’s birthday. A huge group, including my mother, gathered and made sweet, happy memories in our home.


Climbing into bed that evening, my house clean once again, I fell into deep sleep.


At two in the morning the phone jolted me. My eighty-two year old mother had been taken to the emergency room. I threw on my dirty clothes and rushed to her side. Intubated and clinging to life, she was transported by ambulance an hour away to Little Rock. I’d wear those same clothes for the next three days while she lingered in ICU.


Mom weathered her storm and soon came back to my hometown and into a rehabilitation facility. Her prognosis? Not good. But, you’d never know this by the improvement she’s made, glory to God. I am convinced more than ever that only the Father knows the day of our promotion into Eternity.


During this exhausting time, my motivation and creativity flat-lined. My blogs due, I just couldn’t muster the energy or emotion to write them. It took great effort to push the like button on my friend’s facebook notifications, much less leave comments. And, my Twitter twittered to a flicker.


Through this time, I know one thing. God is faithful. God was faithful. God will always be faithful.


Yesterday, there were reports of double rainbows in my county. Facebook friends littered my newsfeed with photos of them. A reminder to me that God holds my times in His hands when life happens. My seasons are changing. So simple. So hard. I will breathe. I will be still. I will know my God.

My times are in Your hands. (Psalm 31:15, NIV)


Listen for His Whispers

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