When We Cry for Help

Help is something every human needs—like air and water or food and clothing.

My young nephew, Evan, up from his nap—screamed. The poor fellow did this every time. His gentle father, Ross, in tune to his needs would go and pull him from the crib, along with hiaper (a blue puppy-printed cloth diaper) and soothe him.

Like most of us I assumed Evan would cry this way because he’d awakened and wanted up. Wouldn’t you? As a small boy Evan couldn’t climb out of his crib, but his Dad understood him and his developing language, and whispered in His ear; “It’s okay. The next time you wake up call Daddy to help. Just say help, and I’ll come get you. You don’t have to cry and get upset.”

“Just say help, and I’ll come get you.”

Children develop receptive language long before they are able to produce expressive language, so I questioned what the baby heard and if he could do this.

A few days passed and I forgot about the precious father and son moment. Again at their house, I chatted while Evan napped. My ears perked. The smallest, tiniest faint sound interrupted our conversation. I listened again as Ross stood.

“Heeeelp.” Evan’s voice broke silence again—not a disturbed voice nor loud—but a wee, confident and quiet voice that knew Daddy was coming.

“Heeeelp.” Evan’s voice broke silence…

Talk about blown away. I couldn’t get over this. I laughed. His teeny voice sounded so surreal. Then the picture I’ll never forget of a small child snug in Daddy’s arms—hiaper covering all but his blue eyes—emerged from the hallway.

A tad older in this photo, I think Evan grew into his bravery. Or, is he hollering for heeelp? I guarentee Daddy is not far away.

As I sit at my writing desk this morning I hear; “I cried to the Lord with my voice and He heard me.” I googled it and found the passage in Psalm 18:6.

“In my distress I called to the Lord; I cried to my God for help. From his temple he heard my voice; my cry came before him, into his ears.” (NIV)

A baby cries for help and establishes a pattern. If he cries; the adult will come. Evan growing out of his babyhood understood he could talk—say help—and Daddy would come. Mind you, he couldn’t see Daddy in the dark and perhaps scary room where he could not freely move about to help himself. I wonder how long he practiced whispering the word before giving it a solid try.

Why did God whisper this Psalm in my ear today? I didn’t have a blog post for February. I’ve had no time to build one, but Daddy is so faithful! When I heard that scripture in my ear, and the sound of Evan’s baby voice coming back to me, I realized the connection.

Have you grown out of your babyhood? Have you learned to have confidence when you ask something of your heavenly Dad? His building of my spiritual life and understanding of faith is ever growing. I’m not where I was, but I’m not yet where I’m going.

Have you learned to have confidence when you ask something of your heavenly Dad?

Yesterday I read to my grandchildren, Adeline and Sean, the story about Jesus welcoming the children. He was teaching his disciples that to enter the Kingdom of Heaven they must come to God with hearts like babes.

Daddy longs to hear us break silence with cries for help. Our prayers to Him are never in vain, and they teach us humility. We can’t always fix things—but Daddy can and will.

How long have you soaked in the receptive language of the Word of God? He’s saying come out of your babyhood. Test your faith and grow with me to new levels. Express the things of the Word to your world. Step out. Expressive language to God and to the people around you is the key to building your faith and theirs.

Realizing this brings peace in our longing hearts. We live in a dark and scary world where evil is all around and we can’t help ourselves. God seems invisible. Only He’s not.

Yesterday Adeline asked, “Why did those kids in Bible times get to see Jesus and we don’t?”

The answer I gave her? “We see Him, baby. We hear Him, too. Only now, it’s by faith. He wants us to trust Him and believe in Him whether we see Him with our eyes or hear him with our ears or not. That’s called faith. And the Bible says, “Faith pleases God.”

Let’s learn to say our words. Cry out to God this day and listen for His whispers. He is our help.

Psalm 34:17

Psalm 57:2

Philippians 4:6-7

Hebrews 11:6

 Evan and his Dad on a snow day 2018. Looks like Evan might need heeelp from a third party. I know what went on behind this scene; it has everything to do with a snowball.

Most photos by freeimages.com

Listen for His Whispers

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