Wings of the Littlest Angel

The wings of the Littlest Angel in the Christmas parade? I’d wear them? The Beta Sigma Phi in our home town chose me for this role early in the 1960’s. Red haired and freckled faced, I couldn’t believe they’d asked me. I was five years old and just beginning to form a self image.

This meant more to me than anything in the world, though my arms were papered at an uncomfortable angle the entire time. Do you know angel wings are not a good fit for humans?

Angel wings are not a good fit for us.

Soaring, I took to my role with great gusto while I endured the discomfort, and at the end of the parade I was presented with a sterling silver charm. The beginning of a bracelet I treasured, and my mother added to over the next few years.

One day I wore the bracelet to school for a special occasion, and it went missing. Whether lost or stolen, I never recovered that precious worldly item that brought me so much pride and joy.

Wait a minute. Did I say pride? Even at that young age this treasure from the world helped define me. Hadn’t I told the story of that charm at every opportunity?

This treasure from the world helped define me.

Like that stolen bracelet the enemy wants to rob us of our worth. Isn’t it like him to instill pride in our hearts over what we do well or the things we hold close? Isn’t it like him to shame us over the very gifts God has given us inside our vessels of clay? His goal is to stop us. Hinder us. Make us believe we cannot make a difference in our world. He says we’ll never be good enough. If that doesn’t work, he’ll tell us we fail at being humble.

This morning I heard in my quiet time: “The stealing of the enemy must stop.” The long ago charm bracelet popped into my memory.

Like that stolen bracelet the enemy wants to rob us of our worth–our treasure in earthen vessels.

But God has other ideas for those He loves. He says in Jeremiah 33:3: “Call to me and I will answer you and show you great and mighty things which you do not know.”

In verse 6b He has a promise for us: “… I will heal them and reveal to them the abundance of peace and truth.” To understand our worth is to be healed.

How will He do this? Verse16 says He becomes Our Righteousness. He will not gift us because we are good. Nor will He expect us to maintain a straight walk at all times. Things can be confusing to a mortal. But He does covenant with us that HIS righteousness will cover those who believe.

We are defined by who He is and not by our own grasping souls.

I do not put my hope in my own righteousness but in the grace of God. He is the Restorer. Valiant, He is my victory. He has made an exchange for me, and I have become who He is.

Our wings are in Him. We shall mount and soar with Him.

These are the wings God designed for humans. The ones that fit the believer and provide comfort for faintheartedness. The wings that keep us balanced and strengthened. (See Isaiah 40: 31)

What is the enemy stealing from you today? Is he telling you all the things you aren’t? All the things you’ll never be? Cling to God’s promises. Rebuke unbelief in the name of Jesus. Hold on. Never give up. We are defined by the Son, and His act of deliverance and sanctification. He’ll return to us a double portion of whatever we lose.

“Nor give place to the devil. Let Him who stole steal no more.”

Ephesians 4:27-28A


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